Sunday, March 09, 2008

Amen, Sister Collins

Mrs. F and I subscribe to both the Saturday and Sunday editions of the NYTimes, and I've been enjoying the return of columnist Gail Collins to the Saturday edition (as well as a revitalized-of-late Bob Herbert). In this weekend's column, Collins provides a snarky take on where we're at with the process for selecting our Democratic nominee, and I love her final line of the column:
So what about the voters? In Florida, although none of the candidates campaigned and there were no delegates at stake, 1.7 million Democrats still turned out for the primary, which Clinton won. We will refrain from making obvious references to Florida, disenfranchisement, presidential elections, etc. In Michigan, where Obama wasn’t even on the ballot, Clinton beat her only major opposition, the fearsome Uncommitted, by an underwhelming 55-40 percent.

Michigan and Florida say they’ll only accept a do-over if somebody else pays for it — to the tune of around $28 million. We will refrain from making the obvious references to Iraq, purple fingers, several trillion dollars, etc., etc.

Some people are proposing a compromise in the form of cost-cutting caucuses. Do not let them have any caucuses! Retirees will topple off the cafeteria chairs if you have caucuses in Florida.

Clinton says the party should just forgive and forget, and hand over her delegates.

The good news is: While Barack may understand the audacity of hope, only Hillary really gets the audacity of audacity.


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