Friday, January 19, 2007


In preparing to have a child come mid-March, Mrs. F and I have been very cautious about adding gear to our lives, as we have a small house and, frankly, we don't like clutter. But my techno-geek heart starts thumping when I see gear like this Philips DECT baby monitor.

Be sure to check out the thorough (and I do mean thorough) hands-on review at one of my new favorite sites, Thingamababy (and be sure to check out the "mama snot pluck" here).


At 10:45 PM, Blogger Glenn said...

Just because it's orange doesn't mean you need it!

Hey, since you posted about this, I feel free to offer unsolicited input. I highly recommend an infrared remote camera. A black-and-white unit that has night vision is about a hundred bucks. Best money we spent.

When Ben was young, we could see whether he was in real distress or just not sleeping, when we were working on getting him to sleep. Now, we can tell if he's stripped off his clothes and is dancing in his diaper.

It's a great tool to alleviate anxiety without having to take the step to go in the room and disturb the baby. Often, everything is fine, and the baby then goes to sleep.


At 9:04 AM, Blogger Agen said...

Thank you, o unsolicited pundit!

You are correct, in some ways, about the orange-ness of this device. But it was also the static-free transmission and the special nightlight feature!


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