Thursday, January 25, 2007

Police Tour Update

[Note Check out this post for the post-Grammy update, which includes details on the tour announcement as well as a video of the Grammy performance. ]

From Billboard:
The Police will rehearse for their upcoming reunion tour at Lions Gate Studios in Vancouver, according to reports today (Jan. 25) by the city's classic rock radio station, CFMI. Details of the summer trek, the band's first in more than two decades, will be announced next month.

In addition, the Police are strongly rumored to be performing as part of the opening segment of the Grammy telecast on Feb. 11 from Los Angeles' Staples Center. At deadline, a Grammy spokesperson had no information on a possible appearance by the group.

Before the Police get busy, Sting has a three-week European tour on tap in support of his lute album, "Songs From the Labryinth."
That's right. His lute album. Actually, the clips that I've found on YouTube (below, as well as this one) aren't bad. But then I've been on a bit of a classical music kick of late (when I've been able to pry myself away from the Sloan album; see previous post).

[UPDATE 04 Feb] From The Sun in London:

THE POLICE are on the verge of signing a staggering £150million deal to reform for a US and European Tour.

Top promotor MICHAEL COHL — the man behind the ROLLING STONES' shows — is fronting up the stonking sum to get STING and old bandmates STUART COPELAND and ANDY SUMMERS back on stage together.

The trio are also considering writing new material to be released alongside a greatest hits compilation.


An insider said: "The three of them have had their squabbles and differences over the years.

"But they are all older and wiser now and they have decided to put the past behind them.

"The money has, of course, helped them to see sense."

Speaking of the sun, here's "Invisible Sun" from The Police's Ghost in the Machine:

[UPDATE 05 Feb] Some sightings from Vancouver:
Despite their efforts to stay incognito, members of the legendary 80s rock band The Police are getting noticed more and more around town.

Sting, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland have even been "hotel hopping" around Vancouver in an apparent effort to avoid reporters and paparazzi.

Since showing up here to rehearse for a Grammys reunion and possible tour, band members have stayed at the Sutton Place Hotel, moved to the Four Seasons, and then transferred to the Wedgewood Hotel downtown on Friday.

One photographer who managed to snap some pictures, says security around the band is so tight he was quickly interrogated by Sting's handler who "thinks he's a private investigator".


At 12:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, I really dig the music of the Police and would venture into seeing them play live. But I have about as much interest in Sting's solo lute music as I do his conversations about 10 hour tantric sex. Meaning, just about nil.

But in other news, am stoked to hear that Crowded House is getting back together for Coachella Festival and an album/tour.

At 4:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get ready for the announcement...80 cities !!



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