Saturday, December 02, 2006

Who Is the Responsible Party?

Shouldn't one practice what one preaches?

For a long time Republicans have presented themselves as the responsible adults who could be trusted to protect national security and uphold the values of personal morality. They have depicted the Democrats as the fuzzy-headed idealists out of touch with reality, who support the idea that 'anything goes.'

Well, I got to thinking about responsibility last night and have a few questions for the Rovian machine and those in its thrall (admittedly a smaller number than during the 2004 election).

To begin with I ask, "Is it responsible to do the following?":

1.) Trash a country

2.) Rush unprepared into war just because you want to 'git him'

3.) Put your buddies into positions of responsibility regardless of their qualifications

4.) Swagger around the schoolyard, telling all the other kids that you can do whatever you like, whether they like it or not

5.) Create your own imaginary facts to play with

6.) Spend all your allowance before you get it

Next I ask, "Is it moral to do the following?":

1.) Loot the poor in order to provide more goodies to those who already have far more than they need

2.) Tell citizens that their only duty to country is to spend more money

3.) Decide only to obey those rules with which you agree

4.) Pick out "values issues" based on things you have to scour the Bible to find, while ignoring the most fundamental messages of Jesus

5.) Burden our grandchildren with problems we exacerbate

Remember: Just because the Republican Right says something over and over does not make it true.


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