Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Palm Treo Customer Service Hint

I just spent about 15 minutes in circular phone tree hell with the Palm Treo store (I've made the plunge back into the Palm universe with the new Treo 680). My order tracking information hadn't updated on the order page, so I gave them a call. The first problem was that they asked me for a 10-digit order number, but my order number was 12 digits long. Then when I screamed at the voice-activated prompt system to get me a frakking (not the word I used) representative, it hung up on me (and continued to hang up on me for three more attempts).

Finally, I selected the choice for talking to someone about a product return, and I immediately got a human voice. Turns out that regular Palm handhelds have a 10-digit order number, but Treos have 12 and the system hasn't been configured to sort that out.

Not my problem. Palm, you need to fix that.

Anyhoo, looks like I'll be getting the 680 on schedule this afternoon, just in time for my trip to Minneapolis tomorrow. (And yes, I got the orange -- aka, "copper" -- 680 model.)


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