Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mrs. F Loves Me

Photo_081204_003.jpgI have a certain predilection for gnomes, as my exasperated former co-authors Jeff and Glenn have discovered in the book projects I've done with them (many of my screenshots involved a gnome or two). I've even gone so far as to coerce a former Amazon cohort from the UK arm to bring a large, ceramic gnome painted with a Chelsea FC soccer uniform as trans-Atlantic carry-on baggage (I'm eternally grateful).

Thankfully my wife, Mrs. F, has come to a sort of understanding/truce with me over the issue. She's granted me one gnome per year for our yard (which I haven't necessarily taken full advantage of), and I've promised not to infest the interior of Cracks Centraal with too many of the little guys. But yesterday, she gave me an early birthday present of four small gnome-adorned bowls, the perfect size for drinking my morning coffee (via Posh Chicago).

Yes indeed, I am well loved.


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