Friday, October 06, 2006

Filtering Out

From today's Studio Briefing at IMDB:
Only days after the publication of Bob Woodward's State of Denial, in which he claims that 800-900 attacks are launched against U.S. troops in Iraq each day -- but go unreported by the press and unacknowledged by the government, the New York Times reported today (Friday) that video footage of such attacks posted on are being routinely deleted by operators of the website. "More than four dozen videos of combat in Iraq viewed by the New York Times have been removed in recent days, many after the Times began inquiries," the newspaper observed. However, it said, new videos, often of the same incidents that had been deleted, are added daily. The videos, taken by both Arab TV reporters and American servicemen, show American vehicles being blown up and U.S. soldiers firing at their attackers. In several of the videos, the U.S. soldiers do not appear to be seriously injured after being attacked and begin returning fire. Julie Supan of YouTube told the Times that it had reviewed videos of the attacks after users complained about their content and removed them if they displayed "graphic depictions of violence in addition to any war footage (U.S. or other) displayed with intent to shock or disgust."


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