Thursday, September 29, 2005

You Got to Know When to Hold 'Em
From Hammer to Slammer

Another meme that Delay and Co. and the Right Wing Noise Machine are carpet-bombing with is that the indictment doesn't have much focus into what exactly Delay done wrong. But here's an interesting tidbit from the WaPo:

No evidence to support the conspiracy charge was cited in the indictment, which says only that DeLay and two named associates entered "into an agreement with one or more of each other" or with the committee to conduct the funds transfer. But Texas law permits such evidence to be left out of the indictment, so it is rarely included.
The addition of DeLay to the conspiracy charge yesterday suggests that some crucial piece of information or testimony may have come into Earle's possession in recent weeks.

To paraphrase The Gambler, you got to know when to hold your cards close to the vest.


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